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Travel Risk Services

Your people journey to the ends of the earth for the benefit of your business. The travel risk management solution you choose should go to the same lengths to support them.

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Your travellers, their journeys, our responsibility.

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It can be a complicated process to successfully implement a travel risk management programme. To complicate it further, many providers offer the same out-of-the-box product to every business that asks for a solution. But your business isn’t the same as everyone else’s, so at Anvil we take a different approach.


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First, we invest the time to get to know you and your company. Not only what you do or where you operate, but also your culture, your processes and how you do business. This partnership approach recognises and reflects the importance of your people to your organisation, and the strategic nature of their assignments.

We then deliver all the capabilities you need to assess, advise and act in any situation of heightened threat, whilst ensuring your travellers have the information, technology and wellbeing support they need to perform – safely.

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At Anvil, we create the most value by partnering with you to develop a best-fit programme built on our Travel Risk Success Framework, whilst integrating with your own processes and resources.

We bring over 30 years of experience and, unlike others, do not rely on third-party providers to deliver crucial elements of the programme.  This means you can rely on one supplier, a genuinely integrated approach, and the most time and cost-efficient solution to meet your obligations and support your travellers.


Introducing Riskmatics®: our industry leading Travel Risk Technology

Anvil’s approach to ensuring travel safety starts with Riskmatics®, our award-winning, highly evolved risk management system that harnesses unmatched risk intelligence with the latest technology  to protect your organisation.

Riskmatics makes travel risk management efficient. It provides instant visibility of everything that matters for you to remain operational around the world. It gives your employees easy access to all the information and support they need to stay safe. And when incidents happen, you can communicate fast, with everyone.

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Anvil Assist: 24/7 Traveller Assistance Services

Anvil Assist is our one-call comprehensive travel advice and assistance service, designed to respond to any event that could impact the health, safety or wellbeing of your corporate travellers or international assignees.

Covering medical, security and travel services, Anvil Assist ensures you can operate wherever business takes you, safe in the knowledge that your people have access to the best possible care, with our connected approach to providing assistance.

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If you already have a travel risk programme

If you’re experiencing service failures with your current travel risk provider or simply want to investigate alternative suppliers of these services,  see the difference we offer and why you should consider Anvil.

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If you are looking to set up your first travel risk programme

We have all the expertise and services you need and will get you up and running quickly and efficiently.

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Travel Risk

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All our Travel Risk Management Services

Beyond technology, travel risk information and physical response services, we provide the entire range of services needed to support safe travel. Explore them below:

Pre-Travel/Assignment Health Assessments

During the current health crisis, it’s more important than ever to understand the health status of your employees before you deploy them internationally.

People are at their most vulnerable when in unfamiliar places and under pressure to deliver. Pre-travel medical screening is an opportunity missed by many organisations to assess the physical, mental and emotional health of would-be travellers ahead of time. By proactively flagging any specific needs to support and promote good physical and psychological health, creating a plan and allocating the right resources, companies can enable their teams to be more resilient.

Secure Journey Management

Traveller protection en route

Simple trips to high-risk destinations can be stressful enough, and the more complex the journey, the more unsettling it can be.

Anvil’s secure journey management makes it possible to fulfil your legal obligations while making sure your travellers are well supported and at ease – no matter how complicated or straightforward the journey, wherever they are and wherever they’re going.

Clear communications

With Anvil, you’ll get a dedicated operations director, guaranteeing clear communications and consistent service delivery in line with your approved protocols. And the security professionals assigned to your employees will adhere to rigorous operating procedures and a strict code of conduct.

Pre-trip planning

Starting in advance with pre-trip intelligence, risk assessments and route and venue reconnaissance, our security professionals relieve you of local safety concerns so you and your people can conduct business as usual.

End-to-end security

Our secure journey management services include:

  • Airport Transfers
  • VIP Airport Fast Track Service
  • Security Trained Drivers and Liaison Officers
  • Executive Protection Officers
  • Pre-Trip Intelligence Reporting
  • Real-Time Tracking and Incident Monitoring
  • Route, Hotel and Venue Risk Assessments
  • 24/7 Emergency Response Service
  • Translation/Interpreter Services

Travel Risk Assessments

Planning for resilience

Anvil provides comprehensive threat and risk assessments that evaluate and document every possible hazard in a particular area or country, including the level of associated risk they pose, so you can present an appropriate response for every scenario.

Mitigate and Control

Our Risk Assessment reports also recommend in detail the steps you can take to mitigate and control threats and risks right away – and prevent future exposure to manifesting threats as well.

Once you’ve taken the measures to address them, our professionals re-evaluate the threat levels and outline if any further action, support or protection is needed.

FlightSafe - the world's most comprehensive resource for airline safety data

FlightSafe offers its subscribers access to unquestionably the largest and most reliable amount of airline safety data available worldwide.

Covering over 1,100 scheduled airlines operating in more than 180 countries, our safety assessments provide a rational and quantified basis for managers to determine air travel safety policy that protects the welfare and security of travellers under their care.

This sophisticated and unique advisory service has been specifically designed for aviation specialists, travel managers, health and safety executives or any other professionals concerned with travel risk management.

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Realistic, pragmatic and interactive

Delivered through eLearning or by instructors with experience living and working in unstable parts of the world, our training gives your employees the knowledge to adhere to company policy – and stay out of harm’s way when abroad.

Popular courses include:

  • Travel Safety Awareness
  • Lone Female Traveller
  • Hostile Environment
  • Crisis Management
  • Personal Safety and Security
  • Workplace Violence
  • Conflict Management

Travel Safety Policy Consultancy

Dedicated risk-management strategy

Navigating the complexities of local and international legal frameworks is not something global corporations take on every day. Anvil has done it for 30 years.

Our policy consultants will work with you to devise and implement a dedicated risk management strategy that’s thoroughly mapped to your organisation’s operations and locations, and which, on interrogation, would show you’d demonstrated exceptional duty of care to the safety and protection of your employees.

Collaborative compliance implementation

From development of the policy and training of your corporate travellers on their responsibilities and procedures, to undertaking risk assessments and tracking your employees during their journeys and assisting them in an emergency, Anvil collaborates with you to design the solutions to keep your business compliant.

Ukraine Support Services

With ongoing tensions in Ukraine, Anvil is able to offer bespoke service packages to those who may have personnel in or around this region.

These service packages can include:

  • Intelligence Support in the form of daily situation updates, risk summaries and city/region specific awareness reports
  • Evacuation Consultation and Planning
  • Dedicated Security Assets in region
  • Medical Emergency Response Plans
  • In Country Expat Crisis Support

Speak with our expert team today for further details on the specialist support packages available.

Emergency Evacuations & Repatriations

In a world of uncertainty, crisis can erupt in any location.

When it does, our rapid response medical teams and security specialists will get your people out and back home safely.

Anvil’s emergency response specialists are equipped to mobilise local close protection officers and medically equipped ground and air transport to reach your people, facilitate their successful emergency evacuations, and work swiftly to repatriate them from conflict zones, military coups and other life-threatening situations.

Continued communication

At every step, we’ll guide you through the entire incident response and provide comprehensive situational awareness as the event unfolds – new intelligence we discover, how it’s developing, and the actions we’re taking for your business. Never will you, or the people you are protecting, feel alone.

Wellbeing Programmes

Connecting employee wellbeing with organisational performance

Most organisations focus on protecting people from ill health, as required by their duty-of-care obligations. But there’s a better way of supporting productivity.

Dedicating your time and resources to avoiding illness among your travelling population is a negative preoccupation. Instead, organisations should promote wellness – a more positive aim – so as to forge confident wellbeing cultures.

Moving from prevention to performance creates a virtuous circle, where strong, holistic health becomes the norm.

Our wellbeing experts will work with you to create programmes that uniquely fit the needs of your organisation, to keep your employees physically and psychologically healthy and productive whilst they work in new and sometimes dramatically different environments.

Expert view
Matthew Judge, Anvil MD
Protecting your dynamic workforce is much more than just travel risk assistance. It’s a holistic platform of wellbeing and optimisation.

Organisations are meeting their baseline duty of care to their travelling employees, but they’re failing to consider the value gains they could achieve by building a more resilient workforce. For frequent travellers in particular, there’s a strong business case for more robust travel risk programmes, which will foster better performance while managing downside risks.

Matthew Judge

Group Managing Director

Why Choose Anvil

  • We offer a fully connected risk management solution by centrally managing all risks from one location. This means a faster, joined-up response that returns your people to health and restores business as usual as soon as possible.
  • We optimise our clients’ ability to do business without disruption by harnessing the best of technology and over 30 years sage expertise to drive informed action.
  • Our industry-leading technology applications are 100% designed, developed and maintained in-house. This results in greater agility and more reliable software that can be customised to create solutions that uniquely fit your organisation’s needs.


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