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Ensuring your travel risk management programme measures up against ISO 31030

The world is increasingly unpredictable, creating more insecurity for anyone doing business internationally. With the right policies and programmes in place though, your organisation can embrace the unfamiliar with confidence – continuing to conduct business as usual wherever you operate.

ISO 31030 the international standard for travel risk management – provides guidance on how to manage the risks to your organisation and your travellers. The standard sets out a structured approach to the development, implementation, evaluation and review of travel risk management policies and programmes, and the assessment and treatment of travel risks.

One of the aims of the new standard is to promote a culture where travel-related risk is taken seriously, resourced adequately and managed effectively. ISO 31030 establishes clear guidelines for assessing risks related to travel, removes the guesswork and provide clarity in an area that’s never been more critical for you and your travellers.

Benchmark your programme against ISO 31030:

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How Anvil can help

Developed by our team of risk management specialists, our online survey allows you to benchmark your own travel risk management programme against ISO 31030 to identify any shortfalls.

Complete the survey and you’ll receive an instant score and an in-depth personalised report.

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Your results will be based on how you rate the effectiveness of your existing travel risk management programme against key areas outlined by ISO 31030 including:

  • Understanding your organisation’s risk context
  • Managing your travel risk effectively
  • How prepared you are to deal with major incidents
  • The effectiveness of specialist support you may be reliant upon
  • How engaged internal stakeholders and travellers are with your programme
Traveller safety why consider Anvil Group

Keen to see how your travel risk management programme measures up?

Your survey result will provide a top-level indication as to how well your organisation is performing against the standard and can be used to highlight where there may be shortfalls in your policies and programmes.

Addressing potential gaps in your travel risk management programme is critical to success – and will help you to build a more resilient workforce and organisation.

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