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Riskmatics® – our industry leading resilience technology

Our highly-evolved risk management system delivers 360 degree threat awareness and dynamic intelligence on volatile incidents, mapped against your critical assets, so you can take informed action.

How it works

Harnessing the most advanced industry innovations and risk management expertise available, Riskmatics® is a sophisticated awareness, alerting and response system powered by comprehensive, real-time global data from thousands of reliable sources. How you tap into that data – and your view of the world in which you operate – is customised to create a solution that uniquely fits your specific needs.

Riskmatics is composed of modules that when combined deliver the definitive system to protect your organisation’s assets, drive compliance and attain operational resilience. Ultimately, you get a Common Operating Picture of your global operations, powered by technology and underpinned by real-world experience.

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How Riskmatics is used

To reduce vulnerability and aid competitive advantage

The ability to act swiftly upon new knowledge, dynamic planning and real-time data is vital to a global enterprise. It’s what ensures business confidence and brand reputation are kept intact and protected against threats. Being able to anticipate disruption and adapt quickly to change means your organisation can capitalise on opportunities your competitors – who are less resilient – can’t.

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Any department or stakeholder responsible for protection, risk control and response can simultaneously use the Riskmatics platform, so they can work together in a more unified manner and enjoy interoperability. And working within an integrated framework delivers time and cost-saving benefits, as resources required to improve overall resilience are shared.

To plan for events and understand when to deploy appropriate levels of response

Whether you’re maintaining operations abroad, securing assets en-route or bringing travellers safely back home, you can take control. Riskmatics helps you put a plan in place for expected and unexpected circumstances – and unfamiliar conditions.

Key features and modules


Use our award-winning tracking tool to journey right beside your people as they do business in unstable and challenging environments. Seamlessly track their locations, monitor their trip itineraries and alert them to danger or disruption. Most crucially, use the tool to ensure compliance to travel policy by automatically alerting managers when employees have booked travel outside of agreed risk parameters and by distributing pre-trip risk briefings.


Heighten situational awareness and be ready to respond. Our analysts scan constantly for developing threats that could endanger people or disrupt operations. Thousands of risk data sources are aggregated non-stop, monitoring emerging threats and live incidents on a global scale. As threat intelligence emerges that is related to your employees or operational locations of interest, a sophisticated alerting system sends real-time notifications with crucial information directly to impacted individuals or those responsible for their safety and security of other assets.


Consolidate the most credible risk information for all global countries and major cities, to support business travellers and those responsible for their safety with preparing risk assessments to comply with legal obligations. Add your organisation’s content, such as your security team’s foreign travel advice, in-country support contacts and approved hotels.


When employees book travel outside your custom risk parameters for destinations or airlines, you can receive automatic alerts and approve or deny authorisation based on threat intelligence and other circumstances, or put a plan in place to facilitate a safe trip.


Keep vital traveller information at your fingertips, and respond swiftly when it really matters. With copies of passports, visas, travel itineraries, and medical and next of kin information at hand, business travel incidents are easily managed.


Services that only provide an emergency phone number are not enough. Our Mass Communications tool automatically contacts affected personnel during incidents through email, SMS and Text to Voice and reports back to confirm people are safe or activates a response mechanism to support those in need. To ensure genuinely effective alerting, system users can customise the threat parameters that trigger the service. And with a full audit trail of actions taken, Riskmatics evidences defendable decision making and provides non-refutable accountability for responding to incidents – a further unique benefit of the system.

Travel Risk Management Guide

Get up to speed on the factors to consider before purchasing a traveller tracking solution.

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