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Operational Resilience

Keep your organisation functioning with sophisticated risk management – whether at HQ, throughout your supply chain, or in the most unstable areas of the world.

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When international incidents hit home

If you’re a global business, you have to prepare for the impact of unforeseen events in every region where you operate. The good news is you don’t have to face them alone.

Today, navigating through the security risks of operating internationally involves a higher level of complexity. It means having specialised access to expertise in the intricacies of business risk and resilience, along with best-in-class technology to remain constantly aware, updated and alerted with global intelligence.

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Partnering with Anvil

When you partner with Anvil, you get the complete package of technology, consultancy and physical solutions.

From definition to deployment, our 30 years of expertise means you can rely on one supplier, a genuinely integrated approach, and the most time and cost-efficient solution to meet your obligations.

Building on our Riskmatics® platform, our operational resilience solutions provide a broad and deep view of current and potential risk to your global operations. Within the suite are solutions to assess, advise and act in any situation of heightened threat (whether at home or anywhere on the planet) – and policies to mitigate risk before it even occurs.

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Hear from Anvil’s security team leaders about our intelligence-led approach to prioritising safety during secure journey management tasks.

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Introducing Riskmatics®: our industry leading Risk Management Technology


Anvil’s approach to achieving operational resilience starts with Riskmatics®, an award-winning, highly evolved system specifically engineered to drive informed action.

Riskmatics® makes risk management efficient. It provides instant visibility of everything that matters for you to remain operational around the world. And when incidents happen, you can communicate fast, with everyone involved. Ultimately, you get a common operating picture of your global operations, powered by technology and underpinned by real-world experience.

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Anvil Assist: 24/7 Emergency Assistance Services

Anvil Customer Services


Connected care means a faster, joined-up response to get people well and keep business running. Anvil Assist is our one-call comprehensive international assistance and emergency response service, designed to react to any event that could impact the health, safety or wellbeing of your employees.

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The most resilient decisions are never made in silo. Major incidents almost always demand a coordinated medical, security and intelligence response. Anvil is the only company to offer medical assistance as part of an in-house end-to-end risk management solution. We centrally manage all risks from one location – tracking the situation live, locating your people, organising medical treatment and getting them to safety. This means a faster, joined-up response that returns your people to health, and restores business as usual as soon as possible.

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When incidents occur, Anvil has it all covered. We provide a seamless response to every incident, supported by first responders and medics in our global risk management hub, assistance teams on-the-ground and Riskmatics, our worldwide risk monitoring and traveller tracking technology. We coordinate the connected response and inform you once the situation is under control, saving time and worry.

Our Operational Resilience Services

Policies, Procedures and Planning

Navigating the complexities of local and international legal frameworks is not something global corporations take on every day. Anvil has done it for 30 years.

Our policy consultants will work with you to devise and implement a dedicated risk management strategy that’s thoroughly mapped to your organisation’s operations and locations, and which, on interrogation, would show you’d demonstrated exceptional duty of care to the safety and protection of your employees.

Cohesive contingency planning

With the proper business contingency planning and crisis management, you can continue to operate business as usual in the wake of disruption.

Anvil’s business resilience consultants draw on our wealth of experience, our continually updated information sources, and scenario planning to help you devise and implement the policies and advance plans that will protect your organisation.

Customised strategy guidance:

  • Policy & Plan Development
    • Travel Risk Management
    • Crisis Management
    • Evacuation
    • Emergency Response
    • Business Resilience
  • Gap Analysis (of your existing policies and plans)
  • Workplace Violence Programs
  • Red Team & Penetration Testing
  • Policy & Plan Training (desktop exercises and rehearsal drills)

Risk Intelligence and Analysis

Fully tailored risk analysis

An up-to-date and accurate risk intelligence programme can make the difference between an international business strategy that succeeds, and one that gets mired in compliance, transparency and mitigation complexities.

Anvil delivers custom-for-you risk analysis reporting and insight on political, economic, commercial, security and terrorism risks that affect your operational capability.

Strategic operational intelligence

Based on your specific operational needs, we develop a personalised combination of reports that can include:

  • full country risk assessments
  • country risk update briefs
  • special alerts
  • insight briefs

… all covering distinct opportunities and challenges for your global commercial activities.

Relevant expertise

Produced by experts with specialties directly relevant to your organisation’s operations or geographic territories, this strategic intelligence allows you to present an accurate picture of upcoming strategies, expansion plans, new market opportunities, partnerships and investments to your executives, auditors, and even your board of directors.

Security Risk Assessments

The effectiveness of an organisation’s security programme rests not on any individual programme element, but rather on the interaction of each element. At Anvil, we assess each client’s security needs individually and comprehensively, partnering with you as a trusted security advisor to deliver thorough risk and vulnerability evaluations and recommendations for your premises, including offices, industrial buildings, meeting/event venues, hotels and private residences.

Our risk assessments provide a comprehensive evaluation of your facilities’ physical security infrastructure and security personnel arrangements, including an initial in-depth intelligence gathering phase to assess crime trends and the general threat landscape of the location, as well as social engineering vulnerabilities and capabilities of the local police and fire services. In addition, we verify the adequacy of introduced safety measures, such as emergency exits and fire control apparatus. Our holistic approach ensures we focus on your employees and company profile, not just local threats.

Secure Journey Management

Traveller protection en-route

Simple trips to high-risk destinations can be stressful enough, and the more complex the journey, the more unsettling it can be. Anvil’s secure journey management makes it possible to fulfil your legal obligations while making sure your travellers are well supported and at ease – no matter how complicated or straightforward the journey, wherever they are and wherever they’re going.

Clear communications

With Anvil, you’ll get a dedicated operations director, guaranteeing clear communications and consistent service delivery in line with your approved protocols. And the security professionals assigned to your employees will adhere to rigorous operating procedures and a strict code of conduct.

Pre-trip planning

Starting in advance with pre-trip intelligence, risk assessments and route and venue reconnaissance, our security professionals relieve you of local safety concerns so you and your people can conduct business as usual.

End-to-end security

Our secure journey management services include:

  • Security Trained Drivers and Liaison Officers
  • Executive Protection Officers
  • Airport Transfers
  • VIP Airport Fast Track Service
  • Pre-Trip Intelligence Reporting
  • Real-Time Tracking and Incident Monitoring
  • Route, Hotel and Venue Risk Assessments
  • 24/7 Emergency Response Service
  • Translation/Interpreter Services

Close Protection

In-person protection

Your people should be able to conduct their business with complete confidence. Our discreet Close Protection operatives and teams protect corporate executives and high-profile world leaders alike with professionalism and faultless dedication.

For your travelling executives, workforce, or assets en route or located in vulnerable environments, our Security Industry Authority (SIA) approved close protection services can greatly minimise fear of danger or disruption.

Planning and preparation

Our intelligence-led assessments provide a complete picture of what to expect in specific regions and circumstances.

We’ll offer guidance on organising and implementing secure travel procedures, and provide in-country logistical support as well as intelligence and operational support.

On-the-ground services include:

  • Security Industry Authority (SIA) approved
  • Executive, employee and workforce protection and security
  • Asset escorting and transportation
  • Compound and premises security
  • Protection of TV journalists and film crews on location assignments
  • Armoured vehicles and MPVs
  • Armed Close Protection


Anvil’s training programmes are always delivered by subject matter experts who cover a wide range of security topics delivered in a variety of formats to suit your needs, including eLearning, remote or on-site workshops or lecture-style briefings – to groups or individuals. Most courses are pre-designed, however, as standard we will collaborate with you to customise the content so it fits the unique needs of your organisation and the course participants by undertaking a training needs analysis prior to training delivery.

You can be confident that our training programmes deliver the highest standards of quality assurance and certification through our accreditation as a City & Guilds training centre for the delivery of training on a number of security related subjects, and SIA approval to conduct Close Protection training.

Our Most Popular Courses:

  • Hostile & Harsh Environment
  • Conflict Management
  • Situational Awareness
  • Active Shooter
  • Digital Hardening
  • Traveller Safety
  • Workplace Violence
  • Lone Female Traveller
  • Hurricane Preparedness

Special Project Support

Confidential projects. Multi-layered specialist efforts.

Any business endeavour that goes beyond business as usual can introduce new complexities and challenges that require very specific solutions to keep your international operations resilient and minimise your exposure to risk.

Anvil can work with you to develop the right combination of planning, expertise and personnel to deliver the specialist services you need to meet these requirements.

Specialist Project Support may involve:

  • Specialist training and mentoring
  • Sensitive and discreet support for confidential business projects
  • Subject matter experts to react to or support client businesses in crisis
  • Technical specialists to support client projects
  • Business projects that require multi-layered specialist assistance, short and long term
  • Long-term security imbeds
  • Investigations
    • Due Diligence
    • Background Checks
    • Digital Footprint
    • Sentiment Analysis
  • Surveillance and Counter Surveillance

Specialist Asset & Event Security

Enhanced protection for high-visibility situations

Special events put corporations under heightened risk – and security managers under additional stress – especially when large crowds, high-profile attendees or high-value assets are at stake. Call on our Specialist Asset and Event Protection to augment your team before, during and surrounding your function. We start with a risk assessment based on region, venue and site data with a method statement that briefs you on the precise procedures we’ll set up for your event’s security.

Complete event coverage

We’ll cover contingencies including protection for staff, teams, assets, crew and VIPs; remote service park security; crowd management and health and safety compliance; and patrol personnel for hospitality, paddocks and compounds.

We can also provide a 24/7 incident management centre and control room services, as well as medical and security emergency response teams.

Rigorous professional standards

At Anvil, our people are licensed wherever applicable. The professionals you’ll work with adhere to a strict code of conduct and operate in-line with security best-practice procedures – taking the pressure off your business and keeping your event safe.

Expert view
Lee O Sullivan, Head Of Physical Operations EMEA
Robust and responsive risk management programmes don’t happen by accident – they must be designed.

You need to create systems and built-in mechanisms that track changes in the risk environment, then update guidance accordingly. It’s also vital to recognise how such changes could affect the safety of your people and security of your business.

Lee O’Sullivan MSc MSyl

Head Of Physical Operations EMEA

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