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Occupational Travel Health

Safeguarding the health and wellbeing of your employees and protecting your organisation

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“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

Combining both clinical and commercial expertise, our advanced approach to Occupational Health will help you operate globally with confidence, knowing that you are able to:

  • Provide safe and dynamic workplaces for your employees
  • Proactively manage employee health and wellbeing
  • Comply with the varying global rules and regulations
  • Fulfil your duty of care requirements
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Partnering with Anvil

We’ll work closely with you to understand your diverse operations and associated health challenges, to develop a straightforward and successful health risk management strategy that uniquely fits your business.

Our experts will support you with individual employee health, absenteeism, presenteeism, poor working practices and complex case management. They will also help you navigate the multitude of regulatory requirements by creating policies that keep you compliant at all times.

Occupational Health Guides

Anvil Assist occupational health advice

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Download the report here.

Do you want to elevate your travel risk strategy from duty of care to fit for growth? Click here to rate the effectiveness of your programme against those utilised by the Dynamic Workforce.

Download the report

Do you want to elevate your travel risk strategy from duty of care to fit for growth? Click here to rate the effectiveness of your programme against those utilised by the Dynamic Workforce.


Preventing illness and improving wellbeing in the workplace

Our Occupational Travel Health Services


We provide a comprehensive range of services to support the physical and psychological health of both your static and travelling employees. Explore them below:

Covid-19 Travel Testing Service

Our Covid-19 Travel Testing Service ensures travellers can get the right tests at the right time and will help to keep your people travelling smoothly.

Our testing service includes:

  • PCR Testing: 24–48-hour turnaround for reporting of results
  • Carrying out testing on site at location (e.g. office, factory, hotel, home) if required
  • Reporting of positive results to individual, client, and required authorities
  • PCR test verification service through a “self-service” portal
  • Management of positive patient results and treatment advice in line with country and state guidance
  • Arrangement of home test kits as required

Whether you need resources to support your in-house capabilities, or need partial or full assistance with the implementation and delivery of appropriate testing. Anvil has a dedicated panel of experienced and esteemed academic and medical microbiologists and virologists.

Pre-Employment Health Assessments

Anvil’s online pre-employment health screening service allows us to provide an initial assessment of the general health and wellbeing of your prospective employees as part of your employment suitability criteria. Full medical assessments can then be undertaken with individuals highlighted as requiring further review. We can then make recommendations to you based on these assessments regarding the suitability of the candidate for the specific work environment they may be entering. An equivalent of this screening can also be facilitated for permanent/current employees that you may wish to retrospectively screen.

Mental Health at Work and Study

At least one in four people will suffer from a mental health issue at some point in their life and for those working away from their country of residence or travelling frequently, the likelihood of being affected is even greater. Anvil can work with you on several programmes to help identify, raise awareness of, and address mental health concerns. Via our own in-house trained counsellors and medical practitioners, we also provide 24/7 global support for employees and students who may find themselves affected or have individual concerns.

Wellbeing Programmes

Anvil can work with you to provide a range of different wellbeing programmes for your employees aimed at improving the overall awareness of key health and wellbeing issues and the uptake of health focused initiatives. We can deliver sessions on-site on topics such as smoking cessation, men’s health, women’s health, cancer awareness, healthy eating, managing stress and anxiety.

General employee resilience training can also help significantly, teaching employees how to recognise stress factors in their lives and deal with them in the most effective way.

Telemedicine Consultation

Video-enabled appointments attended by a fully qualified clinician to offer expert advice, treatment plans and resupply of medications for travellers and prescriptions if needed. Clinicians include doctors, nurses, paramedics or other relevant healthcare professionals.

They possess the relevant qualifications, experience and insurance cover.

In most cases, the use of telemedicine can negate the need for a more traditional ‘face-to-face’ consultation. An appropriate diagnosis and management plan can largely be formulated from a telemedicine consultation alone. In a small number of cases, patients will require further examination and/or investigations that telemedicine cannot provide. The underlying principle of involving the patient in a shared decision-making process stands true for all forms of consultations, including telemedicine.

Our video/telemedicine consultations are regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), the independent regulator of health and social care in England. The objective of regulation in the area of telemedicine is to ensure the same quality of care, regardless of the modality used to provide healthcare, thereby ensuring that the method of delivering care is safe and effective.

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Occupational Travel Health

We understand the importance of being able to readily access comprehensive occupational travel health support, so we’ve developed a range of appropriate services that cover all stages of travel – pre, during and post, so you can cover every aspect of your employees’ journeys. Furthermore, we’ll work with you to create a customised package of complete travel health and wellbeing support that uniquely fits your organisation and the individuals within it. We can help you:

  • Support travellers with pre-existing physical and psychiatric diagnoses
  • Support travellers who develop travel related physical and psychiatric illnesses
  • Promote wellness and the benefits of emotional wellbeing to your travelling population
Expert view
Juliane Kause- chief medical officer
People are at their most vulnerable when in unfamiliar places and under pressure to deliver.

Pre-travel medical screening is an opportunity missed by many organisations to assess the physical, mental and emotional health of would-be travellers ahead of time. By proactively flagging any specific needs to support and promote good physical and psychological health, creating a plan and allocating the right resources, companies can enable their teams to be more resilient.

Dr Juliane Kause

Chief Medical Officer

Our Occupational Travel Health Services

Travel Health Assessments

Our screening service helps to promote and protect the physical and psychological health of your international travellers (and their spouses/dependents) by carrying out comprehensive health risk assessments. These assessments provide you with recommendations on individuals’ fitness for deployment or travel and appropriate measures to mitigate against any potential health risks identified. We can also provide advice for the individuals on how to best manage issues highlighted. Further assessments are recommended during long term overseas assignments and on return from travel or overseas deployment.

Vaccination Advice

Our travel health specialists will complete a full risk assessment and recommend vaccines appropriate to your travellers’ destinations and existing health status.

Malaria Medication & Testing

Anvil’s travel and tropical medicine specialists have put together an online course providing guidance for travellers to significantly reduce their risk of malaria. We can advise on medication to prevent malaria for all regions of the world.

The course takes around 15 minutes to complete. Contact us to discuss +44(0)20 7938 4221 (UK) +1(813)514 6276 (US)

More information on the course here –

Medical & General Travel Kits

We can advise on medicines, insect repellents, mosquito nets, first aid and travel accessories and can put together customised kits for specific trips and requirements should your travellers need more in the way of first aid and medicines.

Mid and Post-Travel Psychosocial Wellbeing Assessments

Our specialists can reassess the mental health of your team members during their deployment and on their return from work overseas. We can continue training – responding to any difficulties being encountered – before they head back and advise on further treatment to make sure they return to normal life without issues.

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Our Occupational Travel Health specialists discuss how to better support the health and resilience of your frequent travellers

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