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The world's most comprehensive resource for airline safety data

During an average year, Anvil customers monitor over 75 million trips between them – nearly 7% of them to high-risk destinations.

FlightSafe offers its subscribers access to unquestionably the largest and most reliable amount of airline safety data available worldwide.

Covering over 1,100 scheduled airlines operating in more than 180 countries, our safety assessments provide a rational and quantified basis for managers to determine air travel safety policy that protects the welfare and security of travellers under their care.

This sophisticated and unique advisory service has been specifically designed for aviation specialists, travel managers, health and safety executives or any other professionals concerned with travel risk management.


Airline Safety Scoring

FlightSafe compiles data using the Airline Safety Assessment Mechanism(ASAM); a method of assessing the relative safety of scheduled commercial airlines.

The system was developed under the auspices of the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP) and is based on work carried out by the IOGP and other associated organisations.

The methodology has been refined and developed by a working group drawn from the Association’s Aviation Safety Committee (ASC), which commissioned the implementation of this web-based tool.

The method used is a non-judgemental and fully quantified process based on an airline’s past accident record and other factors related to underlying safety levels.


FlightSafe offers several ways to obtain the airline risk information you need.

Straightforward access to our continuously updated database is available through a subscription-based service.

We also offer tailored solutions, including the compilation of routine and ad-hoc reports specific to your operational needs.

  • High-risk airline alerting and traveller tracking technology
  • Aviation risk training seminars
  • Airline risk assessments undertaken by physical inspection

Discounts on all our services are available for non-profit organisations

For enquiries about our services, please complete the form and a FlightSafe representative will respond to you directly.


Flight Safe

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