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Supporting Your Dynamic Workforce

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Build a resilient and valuable travel risk programme; fit for growth during COVID-19 and beyond

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Last year, we spoke to a panel of experts in the field of workforce resilience and interviewed over 500 frequent travellers at large global US and European firms to understand the effect travel has on employees.

Before the pandemic hit, this highly mobile group of employees routinely worked worldwide to deliver growth. As such, they will be among the first to return to business travel and international assignments – establishing essential overseas operations, forging cross-border relationships and winning business in new markets.

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The demands on these elite performers as they travel the globe cannot be underestimated. And our eye-opening findings revealed significant gaps in the support they receive with many saying they lack confidence in their company’s ability to protect them when things go awry.

Yet businesses are routinely failing to give them the care they need to succeed – to the detriment of their performance and their firms’ growth prospects.


The report will improve your understanding of:

  • The travel risk support that the Dynamic Workforce requires today
  • How they rate the care they receive
  • The gaps between the two
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Resources to support your Dynamic Workforce

Who are the Dynamic Workforce?

The Dynamic Workforce is a name we give to the group of your extremely high-value employees: the elite performers who are critical to your business’s growth ambitions.

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  • They’re jetted into foreign places to lead a wide range of important tasks – most commonly securing finance, hiring talent and securing new business.
  • They help their firms to grow revenues, defend market positions and protect profit margins.
  • They provide an outsize contribution to your firm’s success: up to 14% of their businesses’ turnover is attributable to their activity.

But the Dynamic Workforce have a lot on their shoulders. They’re regularly asked to deliver strategically critical results in unfamiliar – and sometimes unstable – environments.

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Frequent travellers face a growing array of risks: from minor disruptions like travel delays; to major threats such as conflict, terror attacks, weather events, natural disasters, and violent protests and disorder.

Given the international nature of their roles, the Dynamic Workforce are used to experiencing security, travel, service and medical incidents while away on business.

Around half of the most frequent travellers regularly experience all four of these.

Our research showed that many lack confidence in their company’s ability to protect them when things go awry.

Confidence Low


Only around half say their employer provides good policies, information, technology and medical care.


Alarmingly, 63% feel they’re not fully prepared to take quick action and return to safety, or to recover emotionally, when incidents happen.

The Performance Impact

The impact of this lack of confidence in businesses’ travel risk programmes is clear. Dynamic workers told us that failings in the care they receive are limiting their ability to deliver.


Output Decline

Only a quarter (28%) say they’re fully able to operate at their peak while away on business


Projects Suffer

56% say lack of peak performance adversely affects their international projects


Ready to Walk

51% say they are ready to leave if support doesn’t improve

Traveller safety why consider Anvil Group


+1 extra day a week

On average, Dynamic Workers feel they could boost their productivity by nearly a fifth (18%) if able to perform to their best – that’s an extra day’s output per week from each dynamic employee.


More effectively support your Dynamic Workforce

Learn more about the hidden factors affecting the Dynamic Workforce, and the support they need to perform to the best of their abilities.
Download our Fit for Growth Toolkit and assess your travel risk performance with our Benchmarking Tool.

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Resources to support your Dynamic Workforce

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