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Emergency Assistance

Whatever and wherever the medical emergency, you can rely on our team of highly experienced clinicians and first responders to provide you with the assistance needed to support the patient, their family members and friends.

According to the medical condition, location and potential destination of the patient, medical repatriations can be conducted by road ambulance, air ambulance or commercial flight.

Your service will include access to:

  • A multilingual team of emergency responders, available 24/7, who are trained to coordinate the logistics involved with the medical repatriation.
  • Highly qualified in-house medical professionals who will liaise with you and/or the patient, and the treating doctors and hospital staff currently caring for the patient.

Our services include:

Medical Escort on a Commercial Flight

When someone falls ill or sustains an injury abroad, it isn’t always necessary to utilise a specialist air ambulance for their safe return home.

The most suitable option for the situation could be the use of a Medical Escort to accompany the patient on a commercial flight.

Our Medical Escort repatriation service provides aero-medically trained Doctors, General nurses, Paramedics and Mental Health professionals. These professionals will accompany the patient, either seated or on a stretcher, on all of the major airlines operating worldwide.

Our in-house response team coordinates all the necessary arrangements, including ground ambulances to and from the airports, wheelchair assistance, supplementary oxygen, flight schedules and medical clearance to fly (the airline’s boarding authorisation for the patient).

Every escort carries a medical bag with all the necessary medications and medical equipment to suit the patient’s needs.

Benefits of utilising a medical escort in certain situations:

Reduced cost
A medical escort costs considerably less than flying home on a dedicated air ambulance. Ski injuries, broken limbs or other non-urgent cases are most commonly handled by medical escort.

Tailored to your situation
We work together with particular airlines whose aircraft meet our standards. For more serious cases, we can even construct an ICU environment or provide oxygen support on board.

The right medical care
Our medical team bring all the necessary medicine and equipment with them, and accompany the patient back home. We handle all the arrangements, including ambulances to and from the aircraft, and make the experience smooth and straightforward.

Air Ambulance

When a patient is critically ill, injured or unsuitable to travel on a commercial flight, we provide worldwide air ambulance services to transfer patients to suitable medical facilities, either in a neighbouring country or to their home country.

Our long-established global network guarantees us access to a large variety of aircraft, all designed and fitted for purpose with state-of-the-art medical equipment and staffed by aero-medically trained crew. The array of aircraft types available gives us the ability to land in remote or smaller airfields, as well as large international airports.

Location and medical needs are determinate factors when we select the most appropriate aircraft to accomplish an air ambulance mission.

Once we have discussed the patient’s medical condition and needs with the treating doctor, and admission to the receiving hospital is confirmed, our 24/7 expert team commences fulfilment of all the necessary transport arrangements, including confirming the ground ambulances, air ambulance schedule and necessary permits.

Road Ambulance or Medical Car Transfer

Medical road transfers are a very convenient and cost effective repatriation method for those patients who are not too far away from home or are unable to fly due to their medical condition.

The road ambulances and medical cars utilIsed are specifically designed and adapted to provide a comfortable and safe journey for the patient. We have access to vehicles with different capabilities, including conventional ambulances, ICU, bariatrics and neonatal transfers.

Repatriation of Remains

Following the tragic loss of a loved one overseas, we can provide help to their families and friends by arranging the deceased’s return home.

Working with our network of funeral directors worldwide, we ensure that all legal documents are in place and in accordance with the respective country’s legislation. We will organise transportation to and from the airport, as well as accompanying airline tickets.

Get immediate assistance

Call our 24/7 emergency helpline to speak with one of our friendly Assistance Specialists.

Call: +44 (0)20 3941 9019


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