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Contact Us

Our global response centre is staffed 24/7 and should be your initial point of contact to access the variety of services we offer.

To speak with one of our friendly assistance specialists right now, call +44 (0)20 3941 9019, email or complete the online form.

Our emergency responders will collect all the relevant information required to assess the case and guide you through the process, answering any questions you might have. As soon as the information is collected, our expert team of clinicians will review the medical condition and propose a tailored, bed-to-bed and cost-effective solution that meets the patient’s needs.

Anvil Customer Services

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Making Arrangements

After you have agreed to proceed with the repatriation by signing our agreement and making payment, our clinical team will commence liaison with the treating and receiving hospitals to discuss the proposed repatriation arrangements, obtain the most up-to-date medical information and agree on the most suitable transfer date.

Our all-inclusive repatriation service takes care of all the necessary arrangements to perform a successful bed-to-bed transfer. This includes arranging road transportation, applying for permits and securing hospital admission at the destination country, as well as containing and supporting the patient, their families and friends.

Air Ambulance

Step 3

Repatriation Day

On the day of the transfer by road and/or air, our emergency responders will keep you updated on every stage of the repatriation.

Our aero-medically trained crew carry state-of-the-art medical equipment to ensure the patient is constantly monitored, comfortable and safe for the duration of the repatriation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which type of repatriation I need?

During your first contact with our global response centre, our emergency responders and clinicians will gather all the relevant information in order to assess the patient’s needs and recommend the most suitable and tailored repatriation option. Repatriations could be conducted by air ambulance, travelling with a medical escort on a commercial flight or by road using a specially equipped ambulance or medical car.

Can a family member or friend travel with the patient?

We always prefer for the patient to have a familiar face with them during the repatriation and certainly, utilisation of a medical escort on a commercial flight doesn’t usually present any obstacles. However, on an air or road ambulance repatriation, where space is more restricted, the final decision will be made by the medical escort team, depending on the patient’s condition at the time of the repatriation.

How much luggage can I take during the repatriation?

The amount of luggage you can take depends very much on the type of repatriation. For instance, on a commercial flight, the airline determines the luggage allowance. However, you always have the option to pay extra for excess luggage, if you wish, as you would do on a normal flight. Air and road ambulances have a more restricted amount of space and therefore storage. The type of vehicle or aircraft we use determines the amount of luggage you might be able to carry, though you should certainly be able to take one piece of hand luggage on board. If for any reason the luggage can’t travel with you, we can assist with arranging a courier through one of our trusted providers.

How much does a repatriation cost?

The cost of a repatriation or evacuation is determined by a number of factors. Each transfer is tailored to the patient’s individual needs, taking into consideration their geographical location, clinical condition and their medical needs during transportation. Due to the number of variables and other factors for consideration, the cost will vary case-by-case; therefore it is not possible to specify an average cost.

Who requests the patient's medical notes?

Our in-house clinical team and interpreters request the medical notes from the treating hospital. If the notes are in a foreign language, we are able to arrange translations to the language of your preference.

How long does it take to arrange the transfer?

Our emergency response centre operates 24/7. Therefore, arrangements can be made round-the-clock to suit all time zones. Repatriation arrangements start as soon as the full extent of a patient’s medical condition is established. For air ambulance and road ambulance transfers, we could leave base within hours of initial contact. However, some commercial flight repatriations require medical clearance and this may take a few days to obtain. However, due to our relationships with major airlines, we have obtained clearances within a few hours after submission. We always ensure that all permits and clearances are in place before the repatriation begins.

What is an airline medical clearance and who applies for it?

Medical clearance is an authorisation from the airline to allow a traveller with a medical condition or injury to board their aircraft. Anvil completes the forms and applies for the authorisation on your behalf.

Who arranges admission to a hospital at the destination?

Our clinicians liaise with the receiving hospital to arrange prompt admission and appropriate treatment. If the patient is to be admitted as a private patient, an authorisation form from the relevant insurance company should be obtained in advance.

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